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During these difficult times, business enablement teams have been working hard to protect their employees in the workplace, whilst ensuring that they can comply with customer demand.

The recent announcement by the Government to work from home whenever possible, creates additional complexity for those organisations that work with sensitive data. As home IT security may not provide the required levels of IT security and governance for companies which hold or process confidential or valuable data.

The strict controls provided by corporate information security systems, means that employees within certain sectors could not manage their workload away from the confines of the office, then Xpertex SD Home arrived.

This security system will open your eyes to the future and demonstrate to your employees that you have found a solution that allows them to work from home safely. A way of working' from home which remains within the security controls and governance requirements of the company. Employees feel safer, working within their own four walls at home, so your customers continue to retain the same high-quality service and assurance that they have come to expect.

The key to this is “Software Defined” – a cyber technology that allows information security, compliance and IT to control and manage the entire organisation from one place. The lines between head offices, regional offices, branches and homes, become blurred and instead simply become components of the Extended Enterprise.


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