Xpertex Core Services

Information Assurance and Cyber Security

Our Cyber & Information Security professionals have a vast wealth of experience across public and private sector organisations. We always assess your needs from a ‘Human Factors’ perspective – your people, culture and processes. We offer a range of Cyber & Information Security services and can advise on, and supply, appropriate technology products. At Xpertex, Cyber & Information Security means the protection and safeguarding of valuable digital assets and, whilst we embrace the digital age, we are always vigilant of the potential risks to an organisation’s IT infrastructure. We particularly focus on the ‘human factors’ relevant to your security, namely: your people, corporate culture and operational processes. Our cyber security professionals have a vast wealth of experience across public and private sector organisations. We always assess your needs first to develop a tailored solution that will secure your systems. Our core advisory services include the following:


Information Security forms the cornerstone of any Xpertex Cyber & Information Security advisory undertaking. Using international and industry specific standards, we help customers assess, present and treat risks to their assets ranging from sensitive customer data to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) financial data. Xpertex assists clients to implement robust information risk management controls; document sets and operational processes to permanently reduce risk and help promote efficient management of sensitive corporate information. Vulnerabilities are high-lighted to ensure they are adequately protected against potential threats. Our threat intelligence-led mitigations and modelling ensures that remediation plans are representative and targeted at protecting our clients from their real, not generic threats.


Threats to information and security are more prevalent than ever before. Systems are regularly under attack, from bulk XML-RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) to targeted web application and infrastructure attacks and denial-of-service. Most organisations are unaware of the extent of attacks on their systems and face a challenge in comprehending risks to their internal and external IT estate. Xpertex specialises in understanding risks to systems, people, and process by carrying out detailed vulnerability assessments early on in our client engagement. Findings from vulnerability analysis are used to seamlessly integrate a treatment plan with customers’ existing risk methodology. With regular vulnerability analysis across the customer’s estate and using our treatment planning expertise, we can demonstrate risk reduction in tangible and numerical terms which translate directly to operational cost savings.


Limiting the unknown factors in any mergers & acquisition activity is crucial to investment support. Xpertex offers a holistic due diligence service. Complementary to traditional financial due diligence, our services focus upon the individuals behind an organisation, namely, executives and persons with significant control. We also have a global-reach able to conduct both virtual and ‘on the ground’ due diligence in developed and developing regions.


Our approach to addressing the risk of social engineering attack is not limited to technical factors, but considers the human vulnerabilities and vectors employed by skilled actors to get access to a client’s built estate and IT assets. Xpertex helps clients to develop and employ countermeasures that can significantly reduce the disruption and loss incurred as the result of a social engineering attack.


Our discreet Open Source Intelligence collection and product can be used for a broad range of applications. When used in collaboration with on-the-ground surveillance and collection assets, it can provide a response to information breaches and support clients to achieve the effective containment of incidents.

Secure government

We have worked in departments across the length & breadth of Whitehall and within their supporting suppliers.

Resilient, available systems are critical to the many services that Government Departments reply upon and which they often provide as services to citizens. In the UK there has been decades of investment in information technology to deliver these capabilities. As time has passed, systems have been deployed independently to groups, departments and ministries. The interconnections of these discrete systems have become progressively more complex. With internet connectivity and the provision of separate government-facing and public-facing systems access, an age of malicious and accidental hacking has emerged, both of which cause disruption and the erosion of user confidence when things go wrong.


Xpertex has provided a range of security cleared specialists and services who, in recent years, have focused on reducing the vulnerability of systems to attack and ensuring that the disruption or degradation of services and capabilities is minimised. We have done this in close working relationships with civil servants and other IT systems integrators and vendors, whilst ensuring we remain focused on the aims and objectives of our government clients.

Despite the ongoing economic challenges, which have caused significant impact across the public sector, our central government clients, such as the Ministry of Defence, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and related agencies, have seen a sharp increase in focus on IT infrastructure to be as operationally efficient and effective as possible. Xpertex has worked with senior civil servants and their permanent staff technologists to deliver critical programmes within this context of reduced budgets, increased demand due to external national security and international factors, and the need to maintain ‘business as usual’ services.


We have contracting arrangements with several government departments and have a high proportion of security cleared staff.

Much of the intellectual property and expertise we brought to our government engagements also address problems faced in local councils, critical national infrastructure providers, international business and even small and medium sized enterprises. Many of these sectors can benefit significantly from employing the best practices that Xpertex has helped to refine and which now form aspects of ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials.

Our aim is to continue to bring our research and innovations to our government colleagues, always working closely with their staff and other suppliers, to ensure that we can address the current and future challenges in a flexible and responsive manner.

We are also proud to be a listed supplier on the G-Cloud 11 Framework.

Secure Product Fulfilment

Security products are evolving and changing. Xpertex prides itself on assessing the leading market offerings and can manage the sourcing and delivery of highly robust and cost-effective security products from leading-edge technology innovators like Juniper Networks and SonicWall.


Juniper Networks is in the business of network innovation. From devices to data centres, from consumers to cloud providers, Juniper Networks delivers the software, silicon and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking. The company serves customers and partners worldwide.